Grape and Apple Face Mask

face maskBoth these are basic fruits that everyone loves and enjoys. Apparently, your skin loves them too.

Apples have a generous amount of vitamin C that helps build collagen in the skin. Collagen is an essential structural component of the skin that also maintains its waterproof barrier. Apples also contain copper that is important to keep the skin healthy. Copper assists in the making of melanin, the component that determines the colour of your skin, and also protect it from harmful UV rays. Apples also contain vitamin A that aids in the development of mature, functional skin.

 Grapes are rich in vitamin C that helps in toning and firming the skin. They strengthen the red blood cells and also improve the elasticity of your skin. Grapes have vitamin E that moisturizes and protects your skin. Grapes also protect your skin against acne and pimples. 


1- 1/2 Apple

2- 7 Grapes


  1. Blend together the apple and the grapes, until it becomes a smooth, soft paste.
  2. Apply on clean skin, and leave it on for half an hour. Wash and pat dry.

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